Have a look at the attached activities to help your wellbeing.

Please ensure that you monitor your child's access to the links on YouTube, as we cannot know what adverts may pop-up.

Art Activities


Draw with Rob - YouTube Link


Have fun with Lara and Tiff with these painting projects  



Art Projects from the Lowry

Creative Hub

  Easy Origami with Gary



Wind down with CBeebies Daydreams, a journey through beautiful images that focuses on the finer details of the world with calming music to help you unwind and relax. Join Karina for her Happy Tent Tales - traditional stories as told through a unique blend of narration, movement, music and rhyme. Many different stories read by many different famous people.
Join Jaime for a variety of different Yoga activities Peace Out is a series of guided relaxations, written and voiced by Jaime. Mindfulness Activities for Kids 

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