Our Curriculum

Overview of our School Curriculum

At Holmes Chapel Primary School, we continually work on the design of our curriculum to secure a curriculum that inspires and challenges all learners, preparing them for life and making it purposeful and relevant to our modern world.

Our curriculum ensures that children gain knowledge and skills at every stage of their time at our school, and builds on previous learning. It is a curriculum that empowers our pupils to know more, remember more and be able to do more. It continues to be broad and balanced, encompassing academic, creative, social, emotional, physical and cultural opportunities for development.  We aim to connect learning to our local environment, engaging pupils with their world and enriching their life experiences.  Our lessons support all pupils to learn and progress, supporting and understanding individual’s particular strengths and needs.

This year one of our key school development priorities is to ensure that the implementation of our curriculum is having its intended impact on outcomes for our pupils through clearly defined end points for all curriculum areas.  We are also working on developing effective approaches to assessment throughout the whole school.

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