Kids French

Welcome to our new Kids French page!

Here you can find lots of fun and exciting ways of  practising French at home. 

Keep checking in for new activities. 


Language Angels

Check out the new Language Angels app to listen to songs and play games . Click on the picture below to go to the App Store. 

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Want to listen to your favourite number songs? 



french 20-50.PNG

french 50-70.PNG

Year 3 learning 

Year 3 have been learning about fruit and vegetables this year. 

Here is a cool song to help you remember names of fruit in French 



French Recipes

Subscribe to this great YouTube channel - Click on the Little French House

Why not try making a traditional French crèpe - crepes.PNG


Mardi Gras Craft Activity

The festival of Mardi Gras was celebrated on the 21st February 2023. This is a religous festival celebrated around the world with parades, music, dance and fancy costumes, including bright and colourful masks. Click on the picture to find a video on how to make your own mask from things you have at home and in your garden. 

mardi gras.PNG