Religious Education (R.E)

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RE (Religious Education) is the study of people and their belief in a god or gods and their way of life connected with this belief.

In our school we:

  • Teach a solid knowledge of Christianity and other religions represented in Great Britain
  • Encourage questioning and reflections of our own beliefs
  • Promote respect and open-mindedness
  • Ensure RE is inclusive and accessible to all


Key Points

  • RE is taught weekly using the Discovery RE scheme covering the main faiths in Great Britain: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.
  • Christianity is taught in every year group with Christmas and Easter taught each year progressively to develop children’s learning, so previous learning is built upon.
  • This scheme encourages big questions, enhances critical thinking and evaluation skills, supports spiritual development and equips the children for a world of diversity.
  • The Discovery Scheme closely follows the Agreed Syllabus for Cheshire set out by the local SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) and reflects the religious traditions of Great Britain (which are in the main Christian), while taking into account the teaching and practices of a number of the other principal religions - Judaism is taught in Y1 and Y4, Islam taught Y2 and Y6. Then there is an opportunity to find out about two other world religions, Sikhism in Y3 and Hinduism in Y5


Faiths studied

Foundation Stage – Lays the foundations of the key concepts of all religions

Year 1 – Christianity and Judaism

Year 2 – Christianity, Islam

Year 3 – Christianity, Sikhism

Year 4 Christianity, Judaism

Year 5 Christianity, Hinduism

Year 6 Christianity, Islam 


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