Emotional Well being

Please click on the link below it provides parents with some invaluable tips and advice on how to handle the "after school melt down" which I know many of you have experienced. The advice given is in line with the trauma informed approach and encouraging us to increase our children's emotional literacy, whilst providing tips and strategies to help parents through challenging times.



Cheshire East have launched new Family Hubs offering parents support all under one roof. Please click on the link below to find further information



Click on the  link below for the NHS  website which offers advice and strategies for many areas of children's health and wellbeing


Visyon is a local charity that supports the emotional health of children, young people and their familites. They run online and face to face sessions, please click on the link below for further information


The latest parent workshop information details can be found in the files below

South Cheshire Clasp reach out to families locally who are affected by the difficulties associated with parenting alone, whatever your circumstances. If you would like further information either contact myself to complete a referral or click on the link below


Minded is a free learning resource about mental health of children, young people and older adults. There are many different modules which may provide you with information, advice and help in understanding your child's difficulties. Please click on the link below to find out further information


Please click on the link below, for further information about services which are available to all families.


The NSPCC offer a wealth of advice and support for parents in relation to keeping our children safe. Please click on the link below to explore further.


what is a young carer?

A Young Carer is someone aged 5 to 17 who helps to look after someone in their family who is unwell, disabled, has a special educational need or misuses drugs or alcohol. This may be a sibling, a parent or another family member. They may care for more than one person or even have a condition or SEND themselves. Please click on the link below for more information in relation to the support a young carer can access.


Space for Autism is a charity who supports the whole family. They run over 4000 activities a year for all ages living with ASC. Please click on the link below for more details.



If you would like any help or advice regarding concerns you may have in relation to your child's mental health and emotional well-being, please do not hesitate to contact me on

[email protected]


Paula Lavin

Learning Mentor



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