Design Technology

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Design Technology is a creative and practical subject which provides opportunities for all children to design and make quality products. It involves children in developing an understanding of the ways in which people have designed products in the past and present to meet their needs.

  • show how design technology is relevant to the real world
  • be inclusive to all pupils
  • promote resilience
  • encourage problem solving
  • develop teamwork
  • be cross curricular (where appropriate)
  • develop practical skills of measuring, cutting, shaping, assembling, joining, combining and finishing


All D.T. units should follow the design cycle. Skills (e.g. measuring, cutting, kneading etc) are taught and practised explicitly prior to making through focussed practical tasks. (FPT)


DT Curriculum design

Each year group teaches 3 units. Each year group covers food as there is a strong emphasis on cooking and nutrition in the National Curriculum. We believe this provides key life skills for their future. Similarly, there are many mechanisms in the N.C. so each year will cover a different mechanism, with a greater focus on control in UKS2. Structures and textiles will be covered in alternate years so children will meet each in KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 giving them the chance to build on and develop skills as they revisit each area.

Children’s written work (e.g. designs, evaluations) and photographs of their practical work are recorded in topic books, science books or D.T. folders.


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