Definition: Music is an art form that uses sounds and silence (the gaps between sounds) to create an emotion. The sounds can be made using our bodies (including our voices) or objects as instruments.

We want children to enjoy listening to and creating music.

The skills taught in Music are


Playing instruments (untuned and tuned)



Listening and Appraising


We teach using the Collins Music Express scheme of work which has been developed to meet the objectives of Curriculum 2014. We chose this because it is designed for teachers who have little or no experience and includes visual, aural resources and detailed plans with small steps and terminology. This means all staff teaching can follow the structure and be confident they are delivering what is required.

We cannot teach every unit, so the Music subject lead identified the units which cover the most skills in a meaningful way so that the time is best put to use. There is progression throughout the school as units in each year build upon skills taught in previous years.

Piece of the Week. Through this children have the opportunity to listen to and appraise music from a range of cultures, time periods and styles with a discussion and/or practical task.

We support SEND children by taking individual need as into account and adapting lessons e.g. giving brain breaks, offering noise cancelling headphones, for children with mobility needs we adapt the instruments as necessary.

As music is a practical subject there will not always be recorded examples of work, though when they are, we record through photos of work (or SMART notebooks), videos of performances and are stored in Year group folders on the school system. Children are encouraged to peer and self-assess their performances.

We have a number of outside providers who deliver lessons, meaning we meet the requirements of the Model Music Curriculum, as well as a popular singing club for children in years 4 upwards (year 3 in the summer term) which perform at local events, school events and the Young Voices concert in Manchester


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