Maths Skills Practice

Knowing basic maths facts is a key building block.  It helps your accuracy and it speeds you up when working out calculations.  When you learn new methods, knowing your maths facts means you can concentrate on the new thing you have learnt and not worry if 7 + 8 = 15 because you will already know it does!

We would like you to practice your basic maths facts for 10 minutes a day - little and often.  You can use these websites, someone at home could call out questions for you to answer or they could write a list for you to answer in as short a time as possible.

Top Tip!  If you are stuck on a particular fact, put it on a Post-it or on a piece of paper and stick it up somewhere you will keep seeing it!

Fun games to play (times tables practice)

- (times tables practice)

- (times tables practice)

- (column addition)

- (pyramid game)

- (times table practice)

- - sequncing numbers game