Local History - Holmes Chapel

Click on the pictures for links to websites where you can learn more about the history of Holmes Chapel.  There are many fantastic photos to look at.


HC photo archive.JPG       Holmes Chapel History

Jodrell Bank

BL at JB.JPG    University of Manchester     Story of Jodrell Bank 


When learning about the History of Jodrell Bank the children will:

  • Find out about the past using artefacts, pictures, stories, online sources and databases
  • Begin to ask and answer relevant historical questions
  • Give reasons why people from the past acted in the ways they did
  • Describe similarities and differences between Holmes Chapel in the 1950s and now using information gained from sources
  • Know when Jodrell Bank was first built and what Holmes Chapel looked like during this time
  • Know what Jodrell Bank is used for and why it is a famous landmark
  • Know when the first telescope was invented and how it has changed overtime
  • Know who Bernard Lovell is and why he is a significant person
  • Know how some innovations have changed from the past to the present day