Our first topic in Year 2 is India. 

Click on the links below to learn more about India.  

india2.JPG india flag.jpg india1.jpg
National Geographic - India Facts about India  BBC India Video Clips


hinduism.png chembakolli.jpg 200px-Mumbai_03-2016_81_Dadar_Beach_view_of_the_SeaLink.jpg
Hinduism Chembakolli Mumbai

The children will answer the following questions through this geography topic.

  • What are the names of the continents and oceans?

  • Where is India? What is India like?

  • Where is Chembakolli? What is Chembakolli like? What would it feel like to be there?

  • How does Chembakoli compare to Holmes Chapel? Why is it different?

  • How is Chembakolli connected to other places? (Tea growing)

  • Where is Mumbai? How has Mumbai changed?

  • How is Mumbai connected to other places? Why do people go to Mumbai?

In DT, the children will develop their cutting skills (using a knife safely) by making Indian chutneys.

In Art, the children will learn about pattern (Indian patterns).  They will use paint, pencil and printing to create a print with a repeating pattern.