We want to remind the children about keeping safe online. Particularly to make sure that they don’t share their details and know to tell an adult about anything they are unsure or not happy about.

CEOP provide resources for children and parents to support internet safety. These activities are to be done with an adult to be able to discuss what the children think about what they have seen. Y3 children are at the top end of one age group and the bottom end of the other bracket so I have put the links to both. 


The first link is for ages 6-7 and covers information about staying safe when playing games online with other people.


The second link is for ages 8-10. The 3 clips cover communicating on social media: thinking about what you post and privacy settings. For each ‘Home Activity Pack’ link there are 3 clips about 6 minutes long and a few questions to discuss with your child along with some activities.