Kids Music!

Are you missing Singing Club? Me too!
Don't worry though because Young Voices have started a Singing at Home Youtube channel.
You can join David, Craig and the band to sing along. Andy from Urban Strides will be uploading some dance numbers too (I tried it this morning and it was so much fun. I needed a sit down afterwards).
You can access the channel here Young Voices At Home.
Remember to check with an adult before you go online (why not persuade them to join in with you).
Have fun, love Ms Lackford
BBC Ten Pieces have creates some online lessons and activities. Get your creative brains going Ten Pieces weekly activities

There are so many ways to make music - and using computers is a fantastic way!

Have you ever wondered what a musical score might look like if it was illustrated? Check out these illustrated scores of classic works


Do you know what a theremin is? Why not find out and have a play.

Try using a theremin to make some music


How well do you know the orchestra?  Try spotting which instrument is being played.


Scroll down for some music videos. Do you recognise any of the musicians?


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