Week 34 in Reception

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Reception Year: 2021 - 2022

Week 34 in Class R

This week we had a special delivery! We had a parcel arrive at school that contained Sonny the meerkat and a book all about his adventures. We read all his postcards telling his family about the places he visited. We decided to help Sonny write a postcard about Holmes Chapel to send to his family. We listed all the places in Holes Chapel that we could think of and wrote a sentence about them. Holmes Sweet Home and the fire station were very popular choices! We learnt lots of facts about meerkats and a little bit about the Kalahari desert where Sonny visited. As this is the last animal that we are learning about, on Tuesday we talked about Madagascar and how it is so special because it has so many different species of plants and animals. We learnt the word ‘diverse’ and recreated all the different environments that Madagascar has.

We also learnt that Meerkats like to eat snakes and on Thursday Mrs Richmond brought her snake’s skin in to show us. She told us lots of information about Red the corn snake, then on Friday she surprised us all with an actual visit from Red himself. The children were sensible and kept very quiet, so as not to scare Red.

On Monday The school nurse came in to do height and weight checks, which gave us an opportunity to talk about measures. In Maths this week, we looked at counting money, ordering numbers and ‘teen numbers. We made bracelets with the numbers we had ordered to 20.

Yellow group are invited to bring a special item from home into school for show and tell on Friday.

Have a lovely weekend. We’ll see you all on Monday.

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