Internet safety

Please find a range of resources for parents and a link here to the Digital Parenting magazine.

Information on Internet Safety – shared by Jane Commins, Youth Engagement Officer at Cheshire Constabulary Safer Schools and Young Persons Partnership

  • It is important to educate children about being safe on-line and about making a positive contribution – both parents and school should be responsible for this
  • Parents should not tell their child they don’t know anything about technology – don’t say ‘Don’t ask me, I don’t know how it works!’, do say ‘We could find out about it together to decide whether it’s safe or how we can make it safe’
  • Parents need to encourage their child to be open about what they are doing so that they feel able to talk when there is a problem
  • Find out about apps a child is using – good websites for this are which gives advice on how appropriate apps are for each age group and which reviews apps


Jane recommended the following websites for further information: -

Further information:

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