SEN Home Learning 2022 - 2023

Mrs Brown

Update January 2021

Please keep an eye on different resources being offered here. Contact Mrs Brown the school SENCO if you feel that your child needs different rescources from those offered by class teachers.

Please do have a look through the suggested resources already on each tab as well as the fantastic website: which offers huge amounts of suggestions and support for children and parents.


On this page, Mrs Brown will be adding items for those who may want some additional support for their children with Special Educational Needs, for example Speech and Language or motor skills activities. We want to ensure that the children are supported as best as possible during this tricky time.

Each tab will have different areas identified with different activities to download.

The Social, Emotional and Mental Health tab may also be useful for children who are finding the lockdown difficult and are anxious.

Please feel free to email Mrs Brown on if you feel something could be added that would be beneficial.

Have a look at Chatterpack, particularly the resources page - it has EVERYTHING:

Check out the SEN HUB at:

Lots of printables for a range of needs can be found at:

Have a look at the free See.Touch.Learn app:



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